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Eisco Ear Labyrinth Model - Bony and Membranous Inner Ear

SKU AM0220
Labyrinth model anatomical study. Shows bony and membranous inner ear structures. Cochlea separates along its longitudinal axis and dissected into two parts (connected with a small magnet) for in depth study of it's internal structures. Approximately 16 times enlarged. Features realistic details and textures - providing an incredible amount of realism for examining the human inner ear. Shows vestibule, bony semicircular canals, cochlea, saccule, membranous semicircular canal and cochlear duct. Model is artisan hand painted and is supplied with English key card for identifying the 32 numbered structures. Made of durable and sturdy plastisol polymer. This washable model is easy to clean and will hold up to years of handling.
The model itself measures 8.5" wide and 5" long. When mounted, it measures 10" tall. Base measures 10" wide, 7" long and 1" in height.
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