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Eisco Labs Human Digestive System Model, Life Size, 32" Tall, 3 Parts with Removable Half of Stomach and Transverse Colon

SKU AM0326
  • Life size model features longitudinal section of head, esophagus, bisected stomach, small and larger intestines with removable transverse colon, full liver with gall bladder, pancreases, appendix, rectum and anus
  • Stomach is bisected to show internal structure
  • Transverse colon is removable to show pancreases
  • Cutaway of the caecum shows the junction of small and large intestine
  • Foot Print: 32 X 12", recommended to hang

Life size model of human digestive system represents all organs of digestion. Can be used to trace the path of food though the digestive system, starting with the mouth, showing teeth and tongue, into esophagus, stomach, intestines and rectum. Also features liver, gall bladder, pancreases, and appendix. Constructed of durable plastic and hand painted, model is excellent for study and quizzing. Mounted on base, included key card calling out 32 structures.

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