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Rock Cycle Model, 18" x 24" - 3D Cross Section of Earth Crust - Includes Teachers Guide

SKU BD0066
  • An inset diagram of the rock cycle graphically illustrates the natural processes and forces that develop the major rock and mineral types composing the earth's crust
  • Concepts illustrated by the model include the rock cycle, diastrophism, volcanism, gradation, subterranean structure, rocks & minerals, landforms, and commercial ores
  • Twenty different rock and mineral types and their locations are numbered on the model, as well as four different strata. All are identified in the included teacher's manual
  • Designed by scientists and educators for detail and accuracy. Custom molded using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for durability and hand-painted by skilled artists to deliver the highest level of detail possible
  • Includes a black-and-white illustrated teacher's guide with educational detail on all structures and processes demonstrated on the model

The expertly designed Rock Cycle Model is a comprehensive tool that brings the fascinating world of physical geology to life. This model showcases the intricate processes and forces, including diastrophism, volcanism, gradation, subterranean structure, rocks and minerals, landforms, and commercial ores. An inset diagram illustrating the rock cycle visually represents the development of major rock and mineral types that form the Earth's crust. The model features twenty different numbered locations representing various rock and mineral types, as well as four distinct strata. The model is meticulously hand-painted using vibrant paint, ensuring both accuracy and aesthetic appeal. Accompanying this model is a comprehensive teacher's guide, complete with black-and-white illustrations and educational details on all structures and processes depicted. Size: 18"L x 24"W x 1.3"H

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