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Potometer Demonstration Apparatus

SKU BI0192
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  • Measure transpiration rate or humidity with clever demonstration apparatus
  • Minimal glass components reduces risk of breakage
  • Great for studying essential plant physiological process
  • Includes instruction manual

Measure transpiration with minimal risk of breakages. The apparatus has only one glass component (capillary tube) which is securely mounted on a strong backing plate and printed with a 0-10cm scale. A cut plant shoot is inserted into an inlet tube, which is connected to a mounted syringe and capillary tube via a 3-way tap. The apparatus can also be used to measure humidity by connecting a porous pot to the third outlet. Size: 5.9"W x 3"D x 7.7"H. Capillary tube measures 100 x 1 mm. Supplied with instruction manual.

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