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Microscope Slide Set - Basic, Set of 25

SKU BI0282
Set of 25, Microscope slides created Biology syllabus. Supplied in Box.

Set of 25, Microscope slides created Biology syllabus with following subjects. Supplied in Box. Kidney TS, Allium root tip LS, mitosis Kidney VS, injected Allium root tip, squash Squamous epithelium Moss leaf, for cells (Cheek cells) Leaf epidermisHuman blood smear Stem, TS, separate bundles Artery and vein Mucor, asexual Monocot (Zea) root, TS Lung through bronchiole VS Hair insertion Ovary VS, Testis TS, Spinal cord, TS, Pancreas, Leaf, TSStem, LS old Dicot stem apex, LS, Lung injected Lily anther, Tetrad
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