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Premium Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope, 20" Diameter - Angular Momentum Demonstration - Eisco Labs

  • 20" diameter rubber bicycle wheel with handles
  • Demonstrates the conservation of angular momentum
  • Can be suspended from a string
  • Use with our Large Rotational Platform (part number HDTRNT) for an immersive sensation of gyroscopes as stabilizers

A classic 20" diameter bicycle wheel complete with rim and rubber tire, is fitted with easy-to-grip handles in the center to create an effective demonstration for the conservation of angular momentum. The angular momentum of a bicycle wheel involves the speed of rotation, the mass of the wheel, and how the mass is distributed. Also helps illustrate the use of gyroscopes as stabilizers. For a truly immersive experience, have students exert a twisting force on the wheel while standing on our large Rotational Platform (part number HDTRNT), to experience an equal and opposite torque.

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