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Plant Cell Model, Three Dimensional, Sectional View with Hand Painted Details - Mounted on Base, 13" x 9" - Eisco Labs

SKU BM0006
  • Model depicts a sectional view of a basic plant cell
  • Mounted on a 13" X 9" base . Entire model stands 3" tall.
  • Numbered with English Key Card.
  • Hand painted details
  • Perfect for any classroom.

This model depicts a three dimensional rendering of a greatly magnified, basic plant cell. Model highlights the basic cell structures, and is ideal for studying the structure and function of these various features.

The model is mounted on a base for demonstration purposes. Key features are colored and numbered for comparison with the key that is included. This model provides a visually and kinesthetically effective method for studying the structure and function of the various structures of a plant cell.

The model (not including base) measures 2" tall, 4.5" long and 10" wide. Base measures 1" tall, 9" long and 13" wide.

Details identified: Cell Wall (with central lamella partially visible), Pit with Protoplasmic bridges (plasmodesma), Cytoplasm, Chloroplasts (chrolorophyll bodies), Chloroplasts undergoing division, Cell nucleus with chromatin granules, Nuclear Corpuscle (nucleolus), Space filled with cell fluid (vacuoles) and Chondriosomes.

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