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Bacillus Smear, Gram-Negative - Prepared Microscope Slide - 75x25mm

SKU BS18008
  • Single, prepared slide with Gram-negative Bacillus smear
  • Slide measures 75mm wide and 25mm long
  • Wholemount
  • Excellent for studying rod shaped Bacillus morphology
  • Arrives in a protective cardboard casing

Single, prepared microscope slide with Gram-negative Bacillus smear. Wholemount. Some Bacillus bacteria do not retain the Crystal Violet stain used in the Gram staining process. Due to the carbolfuchsin stain, the Gram-negative bacteria appears fuchsia colored. Slide measures 75mm (3") wide, 25mm (1") long and 0.06" in height.

Slides are expertly prepared, and labeled for easy identification. All materials in Eisco Labs slides are completely inert and sealed in glass.

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