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Eisco Automatic, Self-Zeroing, Self-Supporting, Closed System, Borosilicate 50ml Burette with Reservoir, Tube, and Base

  • 50ml automatic burette
  • Automatic stop cock with screw setting and release
  • 500ml reservoir
  • Polyethylene filling Tube to connect burette to reservoir
  • Flexible burette tip

Includes: (1)

Automatic 50ml burette made of boroscilicate glass which is self-zeroing. 0.1ml resolution with permanent blue markings against a white background for easy viewing. Stopcock is pushbutton style for ease of use to deliver fluids drop by drop. Attached to the stop cock is a screw clamp for repeat titrations. This set up is a complete self supporting structure with a heavy duty base made of polyethylene which the reservoir snaps into. The advantage to a system such as this is that it is a completely closed system.

Package includes:

-50ml automatic burette
-Automatic stop cock with screw setting and release
-500ml reservoir
-Self Supporting base
-Polyethylene filling Tube to connect burette to reservoir
-Flexible burette tip
-Reservoir screw cap with fitting for polyethylene tube
MaterialBorosilicate 3.3 Glass
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