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Burettes Schellbach - Glass Stopcock, Class 'B', 50 ml, Blue graduation

  • 50ML || Burette with 50ml capacity
  • ASTM, CLASS B || ± 0.10mL tolerance and 0.10ml sub. divisions - Accurate as per class B, DIN ISO 385, ASTM-E287 Compliant
  • FEATURES || Unique features of the Schellbach design include a vertical white stripe with central blue ribbon to facilitate accurate reading of the meniscus and a glass stopcock which facilitates the complete drainage of excess liquid
  • DURABLE & STURDY || Burette is made of precisely bore high quality, heavy duty Borosilicate 3.3 glass - Built to last
  • PREMIUM QUALITY || Features chemical resistant blue printing - All contents are included in a single package

Schelbach glass, Single bore, glass stopcock.  Accuracy as per DIN  ISO 385, ASTM-E287 standard. Graduation in blue colour. Class-B Capacity 50mlSub. Div. 0.10ml Tolerance ± 0.10ml

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