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Schellbach Burette, 50mL - Class B - PTFE Stopcock - Blue Graduations - Borosilicate Glass

  • 50mL capacity Schellbach Burette has a vertical white backing with a central blue line opposite the graduations, providing better contrast with the miniscus
  • Made of high quality, heavy duty, borosilicate 3.3 glass. Autclavable, with excellent durability and chemical resistance
  • Conforms with Class B, DIN ISO 385 standards, with 0.1mL graduations and ±0.10mL tolerance - Calibrated to deliver
  • hemical-resistant blue markings and graduations provide contrast against clear liquids
  • Includes an attached PTFE straight bore stopcock

This 50mL capacity Schellbach Burette is made of high-quality, heavy-duty borosilicate 3.3 glass - built to last. A white backing with a central blue line runs the outside length of the tube opposite the graduations, so the meniscus is clearly visualized. Features a straight bore, PTFE stopcock, and blue markings which provide excellent contrast against clear liquids. Accurate to Class B, DIN ISO 385 standards with 0.1mL graduations and ±0.10mL tolerance. Calibrated to deliver. Burette measures 30.5" long with a 14mm (0.6") outer diameter.

Autoclavable, with superior chemical durability. Low temperature gradient- can withstand high temperatures & thermal shocks. Eisco Labs Borosilicate glass has the following heat tolerances: Strain Point 515°C | Annealing Point 565°C | Softening Point 820°C.

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