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Filtering Flask, 5000ml - Borosilicate Glass - Conical Shape, with Integral Side Arm - White Graduations - Eisco Labs

  • 5000ml Capacity Flask with barbed side arm for filtering
  • 500ml graduations
  • Heavy borosilicate glass walls
  • Top opening diameter is 2 inches so use a #11 stopper
  • Glass has no defects and a perfectly flat bottom, will sit perfectly on a hot plate or stirrer

Flask is heavy walled made of borosilicate glass. The opening is 2 inches inner diameter so use a #11 stopper. The barbed glass side arm accepts a vacuum hose. The 3.3 borosilicate is prefect for heating and cooling as it has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. The flask is typically used to create a vacuum and filter solutions. Flask also works as a Buchner flask for filtering solutions in chemistry, physics, and life science labs and educational settings.
Flask measures 15" tall, and it's base is 9" in diameter. Neck has an inner diameter of 52mm (2") and an outer diameter of 60mm (2.4"). Side arm measures 1.6" in length and is 12mm in diameter. Inner diameter of arm is 5mm.

Eisco Labs Borosilicate glass has the following heat tolerances: Strain Point -515°C | Annealing Point 565°C | Softening Point 820°C.

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