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Student Digital Micro Time (Discontinued)

  • Simple, easy to use timer for classroom measurement activities
  • 3 button operation - On/Reset, Start/Stop, Lap
  • Uses a 389/G10A battery - easily replaced
  • Clip and magnet on rear of timer for easy storage

Easy To Use, Silent Student Timer

From time to time, one product becomes a staple in classrooms across the country. The Student Digital Micro Timeris one of those products.

This timer is much easier to use than a traditional stopwatch, yet just as accurate and precise. With digital timers, teachers find that timing activities becomes much less of a random event! Reduce uncertainty due to student errors in timing.

Their unique bright color makes them easier to find and collect in any, busy classroom environment.

Buy Value - Get all the performance and features at a great price.

External dimensions: Individual timer: 5cm (2") x 5cm (2") x 1cm (7/16")

* Easy to use 3-key operation: LAP - START/STOP - ON/RESET
* Easy to read display in: hours, minutes, seconds, hundredths/seconds
* With use of lap key elapsed time can be read while timer keeps running
* Handy size for any age student to use
* Power source: one lithium button battery (G10-A or similar)

*This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.
InstructionsNo instructions available online. Please contact us for further assistance.
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