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2" Desert Rose Specimen (Selenite), Single Piece

  • Crystalline desert rose sample measuring about 1.5-2" in diameter
  • Despite its size, each rose weighs between 1 and 2 ounces, indicative of its relatively low density
  • Crystals grow out of drying lakes, forming flat, interlocking platy crystals
  • Samples vary naturally, and may not be identical to those pictured
  • Good demonstration of crystal habit, propagation, and evaporite mineral formation

When an old lake bed dries up, it leaves behind the salt and minerals that were dissolved in the water. These minerals begin to grow as crystals, and can form roses like this one.

Each of our desert roses are between 1.5 and 2 inches in diameter, and weigh just over an ounce. They are light, airy, and reminiscent of vast sandy expanses, such as the desert or a beach.

A great demonstrator of cleavage, crystal habit, and growth, each rose fits in the palm of the hand, and is great for display in the home or classroom.

Samples vary naturally, and may not look identical to those pictured.

If you reach out to us before you buy, we will send a picture to ensure you are receiving a specimen you'll like.

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