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Eisco Basic Rocks and Minerals Kit - Contains 40 specimens measuring approx. 1" (3cm)

  • Kit contains forty rock and mineral samples and a specimen key
  • Learn about what makes rocks and minerals different, and how to identify them in the great outdoors
  • Hands-on exploration of rocks and minerals is perfect for a classroom setting
  • Samples contained include pyrite, calcite, garnet, plagioclase, sulfur, granite, basalt, conglomerate, limestone, gneiss, and marble, among others
  • The perfect collection for first-time and experienced rock hounds

Rocks and minerals form the backbone of earth science. This kit offers a comprehensive overview of rocks and minerals that are important to our understanding of how the earth was formed and developed. With 40 specimens in total (20 minerals, 20 rocks), students will be able to identify and compare geologic samples from a wide variety of environments. This kit contains rocks from the inside of volcanoes, from the bottom of the sea floor, from deep within the earth's crust and more. This kit contains 40 numbered specimens and a specimen key.

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