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Eisco Quartzite Specimen (Metamorphic Rock), Approx. 1" (3cm)

  • Quartzite sample approximately 1" (3cm) in size
  • The further compaction of sandstone's sturdy silicate framework makes quartzite one of the most durable rocks on the planet
  • Perfect size for use in classroom identification labs and exercises, correlates well to Next Generation Science Standards Evidence Statements
  • Students can differentiate between quartzite and sandstone by their relative density
  • Specimen comes in clear labeled and barcoded bag for ideal storage
  • Average Specimen Size - 2-3 cm

Applying significant pressure to sandstone results in the formation of quartzite. Because of its durable nature, quartzite is often used in paleoclimate studies to measure the extent and timing of glaciation. In the classroom, quartzite is useful alongside sandstone as a comparison between rock types, or in more general metamorphic classification exercises.

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