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Eisco WIFI Module


Wi-Fi Mode, is accessible with the purchase of the Eisco Sensors Wi-Fi Module, and allows data to be streamed directly to laptops, tablets, and smart phones.  Wi-Fi mode is extremely helpful for collecting field or classroom data without the need to interact directly with the Base Unit.


Eisco Sensors can be run and viewed from any Wi-Fi enabled device such as an iPad, iPhone, laptop, Android, or other Wi-Fi enabled devices.  Once plugged into the Base Unit, the Wi-Fi Module broadcasts a self-contained Wi-Fi network specific to that Wi-Fi Module.  No Internet or external network needs to be present in order for this to function.  If there is a network present you can choose to connect to that said network, or keep your own self-contained network.

  1. Plug any Eisco Sensors into your Base Unit
  2. Plug the Eisco Sensors Wi-Fi Module into the bottom of the Base Unit
  3. Allow 2-3 minutes for the Wi-Fi Module to boot up
  4. Once the network is established you will be able to view the network in the setting of any Wi-Fi enabled device
  5. The network will appear as Eisco XXXX with the XXXX numbers corresponding to the specific Wi-Fi Module in use
  6. Please note that the Wi-Fi Module does consume a great deal of power; You can run from the stand-alone battery in the Base Unit, but it is recommended for any long duration use that you plug the Base Unit into the wall or computer  using the USB cable provided with the Base Unit
  7. In your wireless device settings connect to the Eisco network specific to your Wi-Fi Module.
  8. Give the connection 1-2 minutes to establish a connection. 
  9. Then open a browser on your device and go to the website:
  10. Once on the website, select Control Mode. This allows the user to completely manage and run Eisco Sensors from a wireless device.
  11. Other users can log onto the website to view the experiment data controlled by the primary user; this is known as View Mode. The user in Control Mode can “release” Control Mode and another viewer can select it to take over control of the experiment.
The software seen through the browser window uses the same graphic user interface as the display shown on the Base Unit handheld screen and direct USB connection on a computer


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