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Top Spinning Base, 3" (75mm) Surface - Double Concave - Optical Glass Lens, 200mm Focal Length - Optically True - Ground, Beveled Edges - Eisco Labs

  • DOUBLE CONCAVE || Highly polished, double concave lens
  • SPHERICAL || Lens measures 3" (75mm) in diameter and approximately 12mm thick
  • 200MM FOCAL LENGTH || Diverging lens with a 200mm focal length
  • OPTICALLY WORKED GLASS || Made of high quality, optically worked glass. Highly polished with beveled, ground edges
  • GREAT FOR PHYSICS CLASSROOMS or TOP SPINNING || This optically true lens is excellent for physics classroom demonstrations in optics and light refraction. It's smooth, concave surface also makes this lens ideal for top spinning

Optically True, Double Concave Lens
75mm Diameter, 200mm Focal Length

High quality, optically true lens. Made of highly polished, quality glass. Spherical with ground, beveled edges. Designed for educational purpose and science classroom demonstrations in optics and light physics but features an ideal surface for top spinning.
Lens measures 3" (75mm) in diameter, and has a diverging focal length of 200mm.

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