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Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer- Aluminum Top, 110/120 V AC

This economical lab hotplate includes an integrated magnetic stirrer. The dual controls allow you to adjust the hotplate heating surface temperature and the stirring speed independently, which makes it ideal for light duty laboratory use.

The hot plate heating surface temperature is adjustable up to 250°C (480°F) and reaches maximum temperature in a few minutes. The hot plate has a heating power output of 180 watts-enough to heat 500 ml of water to boiling in about 20 minutes at a low stirring speed. The magnetic stirrer is adjustable from 100 to about 2.000 rpm and capable of stirring up to 2,000 ml (2L) liquid volume.

Plate size 120 x 120 mm, plate is made of aluminium, power 180 W, temp. range ~ 280°C, stirrer speed 100 ~ 2000 rpm, max. volume 2000 ml.
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