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Physics Mechanics Equipment Kit - 81 Pieces

  • Physics Mechanics Equipment Set, 81 Pieces
  • Student Experiments could include: Newton's Laws, Force, Momentum, Collisions, Simple Machines, Equilibrium, Measurement, Constant Motion, Velocity, Acceleration,Gravitaional Constant, Inertia, Energy Transfer
  • Kits include 2 Large plastic containers with tops to keep all pieces organized and safe.
  • Endless Topics can be taught, great equipment kit to outfit a new physics classroom or boast an old one

Endless Topics can be taught, great equipment kit to outfit a new physics classroom or boast an old one
Some Possibilties include: Force
Newton's Laws
Simple Machines
Constant Motion
Gravitaional Constant
Energy Transfer

60 CM Dynamics Track 1
Goniometric circle 1
Box for accessory (with Material from 2a to 2j) 1
Pulley with hook 2
Pulley with holder rod 1
Slotted wt 10gm x 5 with hanger 1
SS Support rod 1
Metal boss head with knob 2
Rod holder bush with holder rod 2
Tubular clip with holder rod 1
Clamp bushing 4
Rubber band 4
S Type hook 4
Box for accessory (3a to 3l) 1
Al rod with hook 2
SS mass 1gm (slotted) 1
SS mass 2gm (slotted) 2
SS mass 5gm (slotted) 1
SS mass 10gm (slotted) 2
SS mass 20gm (slotted) 2
SS mass 50gm (slotted) 2
MS cylindrical mass 10g both side hooked 5
MS cylindral mass 25g both side hooked 8
MS cylindrical mass 50g both side hooked 5
Hooked spring small with hook 2
SS Needle for Al Lever 1
Tubular spring balance (Metal) 2.5N 1
Tubular spring balance (Metal) 5N 1
Tubular spring balance (Metal) 10N 1
Vernier calliper 1
Tape measure, 2m 1
Thread on bobbin 1
Diff. pulley with holder rod 1
Friction block wooden 1
Cart for inclined plane (with hook & weight holder) 1
Expansion clamp with rod (4 Prong) 1
Scale pan with hanger 2
Leaf spring 1
Double side scale 1
Universal base with knobs 2
Support rod 300mm, with male thread & Support rod 300mm, with female thread 2
Multifunctional Support Rod,Rounded Ends length 350mm 3
Boss head plastic with knobs 3
Multifunctional support rod, rounded ends with 3 holes length 350mm 1
Level center drill for pointer needle 1
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