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Neulog Sense C Language Coding Unit

  • The Neulog Sense C module is used with the Neulog Sense bot (purchased separately)
  • The Sense C is a trainer that allows a user to study and exercise C language and to program Neulog Sense in C language
  • Sense is a STEM computer programing and engineering learning platform. A student from the age of 8 years old can begin programming sense via visual block programming (free for download) and then solve any challenge imaginable by plugging various sensors, coding modules, or robotic parts into sense.
  • Once a student grasps the fundamentals of visual programing they can then purchase modules to program in a variety of other languages such as C and Python. Sense will provide STEM and coding education from ages 8-21.


C is the coding language for creating machine programs and is the most needed language in the industry right now. Students can use the Sense C language programming unit to train on how to code in C an then program there Sense bots and Neulog sensors to solve real world STEM problems.

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