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Extension Spring, Steel - 9" long, 0.25" diameter - Looped Ends - Eisco Labs

  • Single, flexible extension spring, made out of quality steel
  • 9" (225mm) long, 0.25" (6mm) in diameter
  • Closely wound looped ends make this extension spring an excellent tool for studying motion, mass and potential energy.
  • Perfect for physics experimentation in the classroom or at home.
  • Sturdy construction allows for long time use and handling.

This steel spring measures 9" (225mm) in length, and has a diameter of 0.25" (6mm). Closely wound loops on either end of the spring allow for the study of Hooke's Law, potential energy, mass, motion and more. Average extension of this spring for a 200g load is approximately 17" (430mm). Maximum deflection is approximately 750mm.

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