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Center of Mass Demonstrator - Roller & Ramp - Rolls Up Inclined Plane - Clear Coated Wood Construction, 17"L

  • Easy use - place roller cone at bottom of the ramp, let go, and watch it roll up and sit in the grooves
  • Apparatus comprised of an inclined A-shaped ramp with a double-ended cone roller
  • Made of durable wood and clear coated for decades of use
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED || Apparatus comes fully assembled - no assembly required
  • Designed for physics classrooms, but also makes a great executive gift or desk ornament

This ingenious apparatus makes a great physics demonstration, executive gift, or desk toy. Place the double cone roller at the bottom of the inclined plane and watch it travel "up" the ramp with no applied force. The physics behind the demonstration is that as the roller moves up the ramp the center of mass is actually moving downward which drives the roller up the ramp itself. Amaze your students and colleagues. Constructed of durable wood and clear coated for decades of use. Size of ramp: 17"L x 5"W X 2"H.

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