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Statistic & Dynamic Torsion Study Apparatus - For Studying Simple Harmonic Motion of Torsional Pendulum - Eisco Labs

  • Great for studying the simple harmonic motion of a torsional pendulum
  • Approximately 22.5 inches in height
  • Includes experiment guide and instructions for assembly
  • Great for physics classrooms

This apparatus is designed to study the simple harmonic motion of a torsional pendulum. It consists of a plate with central hole equipped with two pulleys with ball bearing. A rod with a central cylindrical mass act as the pendulum. With this apparatus one can study the torsional pendulum constant dynamically as well as in the static case.

The torsional pendulum is an angular version of a simple harmonic oscillator. Instead of back and forth motion like in the case of a spring, the restoring force is actually a restoring torque, causing the pendulum to rotate backwards to equilibrium.
This kit explores the two distinct ways to determine the torsional spring constant of the wire; one that involves a dynamic system, like a regular pendulum swinging back and forth, and the other, a static system, akin to one way of measuring the restoring force of a spring.

Kit Includes:

  • Heavy Duty Base
  • Square Support Rod
  • Plate with Central Hole
  • Hanger Bracket with Graduated Drum
  • Brass Torsion Pendulum
  • (2) Brass Outer Discs
  • (8) 10g Masses
  • (2) Weight Hangers
  • (7) Torsion Lines (various diameters & lengths)
  • Instructional Guide

Required Components (not included):

  • Stopwatch or digital timer
  • String


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