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6pc Acrylic Lens Set - 2" (50mm) Diameter

  • Spherical acrylic lenses measure 50mm in diameter
  • Includes (1) double convex, 20cm FL; (1) double concave, 20cm FL; (1) plano convex, 25cm FL; (1) converging concave-convex, 25cm FL; (1) diverging concave-convex, 25cm FL; (1) plano-concave, 25cm FL
  • Each lens has brushed edges and polished face
  • Lenses are stored in a hinged wooden box with foam inserts to keep lenses protected
  • These are educational grade optics intended for basic study only

Set of six acrylic, optical lenses. Lenses included: (1) double convex (1) plano convex (1) converging concave convex (1) diverging concave convex (1) double concave and (1) plano concave. Each lens measures 1.5" (50mm) in diameter. Ground and polished faces and ground edges. Comes in a wooden storage box measuring 4.5" wide, 3.5" long and 2.5" tall.

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