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6.5" Tall Wooden Pin hole Camera

SKU PH0592
  • High quality durable wooden box.
  • When box is closed it measures 6.5"
  • 7 different size dia holes to allow light to enter box
  • 5.5? Yellow scale

The pin hole camera consists of two wooden boxes, one smaller than the other. The smaller box fits inside the larger box, which has a round metal plate with different diameter holes in it at the end opposite the opening for the small box. One end of the small box is open for viewing, the other is placed inside the large box, which is fitted with a ground glass screen. There is a Scale on the smaller box to allow user to know the spacing of the large box to the small box when viewing objects. 7 different size diameters holes to allow light to enter the box Usage: To use Pin hole camera simply hold it up to the face , look into small box, point other end of the box toward a bright light source with an object for viewing between you and the light. An image should be visible on the screen at the end of the box. Telescope the larger box in and out to observe and change in the appearance of the image. When box is closed it measures 6.5", High quality durable wooden box. 5.5" Yellow scale

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