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Eisco Labs Light Box - 27 Piece Optical Kit, Covering 18 Topics in Optics with Full Activity Guide

SKU PH0615
  • Parts included: (1) Light box, (1) Lamp Holder), 12V (20W) bulb, (2) 4mm banana plug leads, (1) Plane mirror on stand, (2) slit plates, (8) Colored slides, (8) Colored Cards, (1) Rectangular prism, (1) 45/45/90 prism, (1) Equilateral prism, (1) 30/60/90 prism, Semicircular prim, (1) Bi-concave lens, (2) Bi-Convex lens, (1) Parabolic mirror, (1) Semi-circular mirror, (1) Semi-Circular Dish
  • Full instructional and activity guides for the concepts: diffraction, angle of reflection, refraction (snells law), index of refraction, dispersion of light, rainbows, dispersion of infrared light, mixing colors, blocking colors with prisms, detection colors, study of concave and convex mirrors, spherical aberration, convex and concave ray diagrams, how the eye works, how reading glasses work
  • Required components no provided: (1) 12V, 2amp power supply, (1) Ruler, (1) Protractor, (6) Sheets of paper
  • The perfect kit for teaching all of geometrical optics and the study of light to students.
  • Kit was designed and testing by teachers in the United States

This kit is very useful for reflection, refraction, and color mixing experiments. The light box consists of a light source 12 V, 24 W lamp, producing convergent, divergent or parallel beam. On one end, an adjustable cylindrical convex lens (for parallel beam) and on the other end, a triple aperture system for color mixing experiments (lateral aperture are provided with adjustable hinged mirror). All apertures in the box are provided with vertical channels to hold slit plates and color filters. The optical set includes acrylic blocks, set of three mirrors, 2 slit black plates, one with three narrow slits at one end and one narrow slit at the other end. Another black plate with four narrow slits at one end, one wide slit at the other end and set of seven mounted color filters. Supplied with working instructions.

Kit does NOT includes power supply, must be purchased separately.

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