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Optical Bench Set, for Introductory Optics Experiments - Includes Lamp Housing, Lens and Slide Holder, Plate Mirror, Slit Plates and More - Eisco Labs

SKU PH0651
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  • Optical Bench Kit, for exploring introductory optics
  • Contains 1.2 meter optical bench and a variety of experimental accessories
  • Explore diffraction of light, images formed by a plane mirror or through concave and convex lenses
  • Experiment guide included
  • Great for physics classrooms

This high quality, durable optical bench is ideal for classroom experiments dealing with introductory optics. The optical bench is comprised of aluminum and has 1.2 meters of measuring tape on one side of the optical bench, which allows for easy reading of the position of the adjustable riders. Included with the optical bench is a lamp house and several accessories. Lenses are not included.

Power source required for lamp (not included)

Set Includes: 1.2 Meter optical bench, sliding rail, lamp house with mounted rod, 12V-24W universal holders for lenses and 50x50mm slides, 50x50mm triangular gauge object, 2 pin objects, diffuser screen, scale object, concentric circles (10mm & 20mm), screen with double scale, and pair of slits and blanking plates.

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