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Steel Tuning Fork Set - Set of 13 - In Wooden Case, Designed for Physics experimentation - Eisco Labs

  • Set of 13 Tuning Forks in frequencies between C (512) and C (236)
  • Made of nickel-plated steel
  • (+ / -) 5% of stated frequency
  • Designed for physics experimentation and studies on sound
  • Includes wood carrying case

Set of 13 tuning forks designed to be used in science experiments. Made from the best quality nickel-plated steel, with plain shanks and frequency stamped on each. Frequencies in Hz: C (512), B (480), A (426-6), A (405), G (384), F (362), F (341-3), E (320), E (302), D (288), C (271), C (256), C (236). The set comes in a handsome wood carrying case with latches.

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