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Magnetizing and Demagnetizing Coil - Mounted Solenoid - Heavy Duty

  • 250mm x 46mm (internal diameter) solenoid. Wound with insulated copper wire
  • Base equipped with switch and 4mm
  • Operating voltage 12V A.C. or D.C. at 6A. Magnetizing by A.C. or D.C. Demagnetizing by A.C. only
  • Low voltage
  • Additional requirements: AC/DC Power Supply (12V, 6A), Magnetic Needle, Cylindrical Bar Magnet, Analogue Multimeter

Eisco's Magnetizing and Demagnetizing Coil is equipped with an 200mm long solenoid with a 46mm internal diameter, wound in insulated copper wire and mounted on a base that has 4mm jacks and on/off switch. It's ideal for providing or removing magnetism to ordinary magnets, iron bars, strips, etc., illustrating the principles of magnetism. This unit operates at 12v A.C. or D.C. at 6a; it magnetizes with A.C. or D.C., while demagnetizing with D.C.

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