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Eisco Labs Large Needle Electroscope

SKU PH0916
  • Extra large apparatus ideal for classroom demonstrations
  • Great tool to discover electrostatic principles such as conduction, induction and coulomb repulsion
  • Clear front pane lifts up to allow easy application of ionizing materials

Eisco Labs Large Needle Electroscope

This extra large electroscope is ideal for classroom demonstrations of electrostatic principles. A light-weight metal vane is used as a pointer in the electroscope. This light weight metal blade deflects when the electroscope plate is charged. A transparent scale is provided to measure the angle of the deflection. Front glass window slides up to allow insertion of ionizing material in chamber.

This electroscope comes with two accessories: an electrophorus disc and a spherical electrode.

Assembled, the electroscope measures 9.75 x 8 x 4.75 inches.

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