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Eisco Labs Low Voltage AC/DC Power Supply 6V/12V - 2 Amp - 110V Input - Dual Mode Power Supply - Universal Power Supply - AC/DC Switchable - Banana Plug Terminals - Dual-Mode Operation - Adjustable Output

  • POWER SUPPLY || Includes AC/DC power pack and standard 110V AC power cord for use in physics labs, electronics workshops, and research settings. Power pack features banana plug terminals.
  • DUAL MODE OPERATION || This simple AC/DC power supply gives an output of 6/12V AC or DC selectable by convenient switches for lab experiments and applications requiring precise voltage control.
  • LOW VOLTAGE || Ideal for educational and training purposes. Understand the differences between AC and DC, and how various electrical components react to different types of currents.
  • IDEAL USE || Perfect for use with optical benches, ray boxes, DC motor experiments, Hartley optical discs, and other physics equipment. Can be used as a high powered battery eliminator.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION || Built with durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. Perfect for both students and professionals.

Eisco Lab's "power pack" is a low voltage power supply that operates on 110V power and outputs 6 or 12V at 2 Amp either AC or DC, selectable by convenient switches.

Unit measures 5.25" wide, 5" long and 3.5" tall. Includes a 6ft power cord.

This power supply can be used in electrical engineering labs. Students can use the power supply to understand the differences between AC and DC currents and how various electrical components react to different types of currents. It can be used in electronics courses for hands-on training with low-voltage AC and DC circuits, learning about rectifiers, transformers, and power electronics.

It is useful for prototyping and testing circuits and testing components like LEDs, motors, or small solenoids which may require either 6V or 12V DC or AC. Many development boards, such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi, can be powered using 6V or 12V DC, providing flexibility for different setups. Sensors and actuators often require stable power supplies, and having both AC and DC options can be useful for various tests.

Many remote-controlled models and toys operate on 6V or 12V DC, and a dual-mode supply can provide reliable power for these projects. Hobbyists working on home automation, small robots, or other DIY electronics projects can benefit from a versatile power supply. Some portable medical devices, such as small pumps or diagnostic equipment, operate on low voltages and may need both AC and DC for comprehensive testing.

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