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AC / DC Analog Voltmeter - Moving Coil - Multi Range 0-500 V - Double Measuring Scale

  • Multiple lead ports, double measuring scale, and toggle switch for measuring AC or DC inputs.
  • 6 range settings: 3V-10V-30V-100V-300V-500V.
  • Double scale calibrated at three different ranges supports readings over a wide range, and is enclosed by a 4x3" clear plastic cover.
  • Aluminum outer casing protects internal mechanism. Simple box design allows the unit to be stood upright or laid flat on 4 rubber feet.
  • Moving needle of the analog meter helps students better understand how circuits work.

Moving Coil Multi Range Voltmeter measures both DC & AC voltage. The operation of these meters depend on the reaction of the current circulating in the moving coil and a field of a fixed permanent magnet. The direction of the movement rotation depends on the direction of the current flow (polarity) in the circuit, accommodating a linear scale. The innovate double scale design is calibrated at three different ranges to support voltage readings over a very wide 6-range setting. A durable aluminum outer casing protects inner mechanisms. Meter can be stood up or laid flat on 4 rubber feet. Leads not included.

  • Range selector settings: 3V-10V-30V-100V-300V-500V
  • Lower scale (AC): 3V, 10V
  • Upper scale (AC/DC): 3V DC, 10V DC, 30V DC, 100V AC/DC (10X lower range calibration), 300V AC/DC (10X upper range calibration), 500V AC/DC (50X lower range calibration)
  • Accuracy: DC ±2% FSD; AC ±2.5% FSD
  • Overall size: 7.4"W x 3.4"D x 5"H; Size of dial: 4" x 3"
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