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Resistance Coil Unit - 200 Ohms, Max 14.0V - For Physics and Electricity Experiments - Eisco Labs

  • Resistance coil unit inside plastic enclosure
  • 200 ohms
  • 14.0V maximum voltage
  • Provides a easy connection to a resistance through 4mm sockets.
  • Perfect for classroom circuit exploration

This single, resistor is encased in an easy to use plastic enclosure. This resistance unit is useful for physics classroom demonstrations or experiments in electricity and electronics laboratories. Simply connect to other resistance units or circuit elements via connecting leads, such as Eisco's PH1055C connecting leads (not included). Can be used with both 4mm stackable plug leads or as an ordinary screw terminal (spade type).

This unit measures 2" wide, 1.5" long and 2" tall.

200 Ohms, Maximum Voltage: 14.0V

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