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SKU PH0769-V2

• No Need for Separate Overhead Projector • Electronic strobe and control • Inbuilt projection screen for easy view • Foam beaches on tank • Wave Generator unit • Full range of accessories are included This advanced ripple tank from EISCO comes complete with all accessories needed for wave investigations The frame is made of reinforced plastic and with foam beaches ( to negate reflections) .There is a mirror which can be mounted at 45 degrees to project the ripples onto a translucent screen on one side of the unit. Intense illumination by strong light source which is synchronized with the wave generator helps students to observe the wave patterns on a workgroup table. The complete set comprises of • Vibration Generator • Ripple Tank • Wave Monitor unit • Projection Mirror • Projection Screen • Footers with adjustment screws • Wave Dippers • Perspex Objects • Lever arm and support

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