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Model Frog Dissection, 17 Inch - Mounted - With English Key Card

  • 3-dimensional frog dissection teaching demonstration model with lifelike design built from a custom mold
  • Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic for durability and mounted onto backboard
  • Shows internal anatomy - Ventral cut reveals internal organs - Anatomy is numbered for easy reference
  • Includes highly detailed keycard
  • Great alternative to the costs and cleanup of dissection in the classroom - Hand-painted using vibrant eco-friendly paint - Designed by subject matter experts

3D frog dissection model for use in teaching demonstrations. Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for durability. Model shows internal anatomy. Ventral cut reveals internal organs. Includes highly detailed keycard in English. Great alternative to the costs and cleanup of dissection in the classroom.
The base measures 11.6" wide, 16.5" long and 3" tall.

Details Identified: Buccal cavity, upper lip, mandible, maxillary teeth, median subrostral fossa, lasteral subrostral fossa, internal naris, patch of vomerine teeth, bulging of eye ball, opening of eustachian tube, opening of vocal sac, liver, gall bladder, stomach, sleen, pancreas, bile duct, pyloric constriction, duodenum, ileum, mesentry, rectum, urinary bladder, right lung, heart, right auricle, left auricle, ventricle, truncus arteriosus, external arch, systemic arch, carotid labyrinth, internal carotid, external carotid, dorsal aorta, renal artery, iliac artery, pre caval, external jugular vein, innominate vein, sub clavian vein, post caval, renal vein, renal portal vein, femoral vein, sciatic vein, anterial abdominal vein, kidney, adrenal, ureter, ovary, fat body, oviduct and uterus.
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